How Important Is Sex In A Relationship?

Some may say that sex is not food and should not be indulged in for its sake but only for procreation or for reproduction by in any way sex is very important in a relationship. here are some tips to…

Anal Sex Guide for Woman

  Dr. Hilda Hutcherson loves sex toys, believes the world is much too pornophobic, and thinks more women should give anal sex a try. In other words, she’s the gynecologist every guy wants his girlfriend to meet. Women who don’t…

Who Lies More: Men Or Women?

A man sitting on a couch is having an argument with his girlfriend who has her head turned away - stock photo

In our every day life its quit difficult this days to scale through a day without a lie or group of lies. For men it is said that if you do not lie to your partner then get ready to hurt her feelings because a man needs to tell a lie little lie to either keep and protect his woman or avoid conflict and retain peace. The vice versa is applicable to the woman although in the case of women it can be done out of cheat or selfish interest.