Facebook Gift Apps: Available Options

According to the statistics published by Facebook, almost 30 billion contacts are shared across this platform every month. Facebook has indeed emerged as a stupendous online success story, which has given rise to the biggest social networking community ever. Naturally, the platform, which is a ripe source of contacts, is being exploited for purposes both personal and professional. There are several applications, pages, communities and forums that one can access for a varied networking experience. Amongst the applications, dating apps and Facebook gift apps have emerged as especially popular options.

Facebook gift apps have found plenty of takers within the Facebook community itself. There are applications that can be customized to suit a specific gifting occasion or purpose, and then, there are ones that are not customizable. Although these Facebook gift apps would allow you to upload the descriptions or pictures of your gifts, revamping the entire application to suit your purpose would not be possible. Essentially, application scripts that use the PHP language are non-flexible in nature, when it comes to customization. Therefore, there are plenty of Facebook gift apps that have been written using ASP.NET and these are known to be much more accommodative of personalized changes.

Facebook Gift Apps: Your Options

In order to understand what Facebook gift apps are like, it is important to look at the available options extended by a flexible application and the manner in which it uses these options. These could include:

* Sending a Gift: This is a page that can be used to send gifts to friends. These gifts could have an associated price or could be free. When you send a gift, the recipient receives a notification from Facebook.

* Publishing It: You can publish a story on the user’s wall, which illustrates the gifting process. This can be done with the help of the Facebook streaming feature.

* Share: You can also select a list of friends who you would like to share this gifting idea with, and share your joy of giving by publishing it on their respective walls.

* Amplification: You can amplify the picture of the chosen gift. The page can also provide a list of received and sent gifts for your reference. This will help you keep track of them.

Many businesses are today using such applications to create greater awareness of their products and services, as well as to build their brand image.

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