Take Holiday Party Picture, Win Amazing Gifts

As the holidays bear down on all of us and as we start buying gifts for people in every corner of the globe, here’s a great thing to think about…wouldn’t it be nice to win free things this year?

Wouldn’t it be cool to find ways to get involved with one of the best wine companies in the world and win wonderful things for them just for watching their new television commercial and taking a picture at your next party?

Turns out that Santa Margherita feels the exact same way and that is exactly why they are having this incredible new wine promotion on Facebook.

The first part of the promotion is for you to simply watch their new commercial.

Santa Margherita is so thrilled with its new tv spot that they want to show everyone, and they are willing to give away gifts for you taking the time to do so! (maybe all commercial advertisers should take notes on this one.)

And right after you’ve watched that commercial, you will then want to get yourself ready to take a simple picture at your next party.

And Santa Margherita wants to remind everyone that the true definition of the size of a party can be from several hundred of your closest friends and family down to just two people.

And as you send in that picture you simply have to describe your thoughts as that photo was taken.

This is going to be a lot of fun. Real ways to win free gifts this holiday season. From the one wine brand that cares enough to want to know more about your life and how important it is.

Cheers. Make every single moment one that can become memorable.

In the unforgettable new Santa Margherita and party event, if you take a simple party picture, you can win holiday gifts . Get free holiday gifts in this holiday Facebook wine and party event!

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