Twitter is Great – Here Are 7 Ways to Make it Even Greater!

Twitter is a great way to connect with your friends and colleagues. What is Twitter, you ask? It’s what’s called a micro-blogger, a website where you can post little message of 140 characters or less about what you’re doing, and they get broadcast out to anyone that’s following you. You’re messages can be about anything, but if you’re an internet marketer they should be a combination of business and personal ones.

If you’re building a web-based business, some of your “tweets” should be business-oriented. For instance, if you post a new entry to your blog, let your twitter followers know. If you’re watching a webinar that might be helpful to others, let them know.

At the same time, if you just post business-related activities, people are going to think that’s all you care about and you’re going to lose them. There’s a reason that web 2.0 is called “social networking”. It’s because you need to be “social”, talk about nothing or everything, and let people know who you are. I know, many people are totally wrapped up in their business, to the exclusion of pretty much anything else (including a life), but you need to find something!

Maybe you liked Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight. Maybe you’re a fan of the Yankees. Or maybe you hate the Yankees because you’re a fan of the Red Sox. Maybe you’ve got kids, ride bikes, volunteer at a soup kitchen, etc. Let people see the real you, and they’ll probably like what they see.

There are a few ways to make your twittering more effective and efficient. I’m going to give you seven ideas about what I do.

1. Follow lots of people. You can follow up to 2000 to start with, and more if you fulfill some criteria set out by twitter (what that criteria is, I’m not exactly sure, but I think it involves how many people are following you). Here’s what I did that seemed to work: I found someone that was interested in the same thing that I am, attraction network marketing, and started following the ones he followed. Eventually, I got to 2000 and I couldn’t follow any more. What you’ll find out is that if you follow those people, a lot of them are going to follow you back. When they do, send them a short message, with a link to your blog.

2. Follow people who follow you. Soon, people will follow you that you didn’t follow first. If they do, follow them and send a similar message to them as above. If you’re at 2000 people you’re following, go in and delete a few that don’t follow you. I delete ones that don’t have a picture, as I don’t think they’re too serious about twitter. This leads to my next point.

3. Personalize your site. Add your picture. Write about yourself, and post a background image. Put your blog or website link on it. Remember, you need to be social – even if you’re not!

4. If you’re on Facebook, tie it together with Twitter. If you’re not on Facebook, get with it! It’s crucial that you’re on the most popular social sites, and Facebook is definitely up there in the top 2. When you tie them together, it makes it so that when you send a tweet, it automatically updates the “what are you doing” part of Facebook. By the way, you can find friends on Facebook the same way you did on Twitter.

5. Check out This is a program you download to your computer that sits on your desktop and display tweets from others without having to have your browser open. Of course, you can post your own tweets there, too. One neat thing about twhirl is it has a built-in url shortener in it. If you have a long link to post, you might now have enough space. In twhirl, you can just enter the link into a box and click “shorten” and you’ll get a short link that you can use in your tweet.

6. If you have one or more blogs, use twitterfeed. Twitterfeed automatically posts any new entries to twitter, and consequently Facebook. It works off your RSS feed and checks periodically for new blog posts, and if it sees any it sends out a tweet! This is just one more way to save yourself time and not have to remember so much. Set it up for free at

7. Tie it in with There is a place in your ezinearticles profile that allows you to put your twitter information in there so that when one of your articles gets approved it will automatically send out a tweet. Same idea as above.

So there you have it! Seven simple ways to put twitter to work for you. Go ahead and get signed up if you’re not already, and put some or all of these ideas in motion and you’ll rapidly increase your web of content and sphere of influence!

Learn how to tie Twitter to Facebook at my online attraction marketing help site. Take a look at my social and attraction marketing blog and find creative, new ideas on how to explode any business on the internet today!

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