Facebook App Developers: What they can learn from the Latest Updates

On 7th March 2013, social networking giant Facebook revealed a host of new updates for its users. This change has been brought about by the California based company for making the website more for its users. These updates will help Facebook application developer create challenging apps for the end-users. Let us go through these updates to know more:
* You will find that the stories in your news are now bigger than before.
* Photographs: When you click on any photo, it will appear larger now. We all know the importance of photos on Facebook and this is the reason why there are various highlights like “new cover photos” or “new profile pictures” in the news feed.
Another significant change is that now photos shared using third-party apps like Pinterest and Instagram will be highlighted in a much better way.
* Check-ins: Even the check-in feature in Facebook has an update. Now when you check-in to a particular place, that place will pop up on a large map and show your exact location to your family. Additionally, the photos that show up with your local check-ins will be presented differently to your friends.
* Links: The links shared by your friends will now have bigger thumbnails and blurbs. This will give you an exact idea about the website or link that you are about to click on.
* Content Specific Feeds: However, the most important aspect of the new Facebook design is ‘content-specific feeds’. Now, you will find a ‘chooser’ on the top right corner (where birthdays are displayed). You will be able to look at specific feeds like “Photos”, “Music”, “games”, “All Friends”, “Following” or any friend, groups or interest lists. The Ads, requests, birthday feeds and other stuff on the right hand sidebar are now pushed down.
* Usability concerns addressed: Now the size of all shared multimedia content will be larger. This will address various usability issues and give the users a consistent look and feel of the website across various devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. What I mean to say is that the newsfeed will be same across devices with varied screen sizes.
Also, Facebook has made navigation easier. When you want to view any new page on Facebook, you need not go to your homepage first and then visit that page. This was now possible before this update.
* Shares: If anyone in your friend list shares the same post, you will be able to see their faces to the left hand side of the particular post.
* Clutter free interface: All the aforementioned updates, give the world’s leading social networking site a makeover. They also give it a clutter-free design that is more colorful and vibrant than before.
To conclude
These were the latest Facebook updates that were recently unveiled. So, if you are looking forward to developing any Facebook app, this is the best time to do so. All you need to do is find out the best Facebook app developers for your requirements. All the best!

Cheryl Watson is a Facebook App Developer with eSiteWorld and has years of experience in developing various desktop and mobile applications. Apart from coding, his areas of interest include mountain biking and writing on various topics related to his field of work. You can read his articles on various blogging websites.

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