The Wrong Way to Use Social Media Marketing

When it comes to generating results in their social media marketing campaigns, some marketers choose to cross over to the dark side and we’re not talking about Darth Vader’s dark side. Avoid creating a social media ring so members can vote your content up, messing with the reputation of a competitor, using applications that automate processes, or hacking WordPress blogs to include your link. Avoid these unscrupulous tactics because they will not benefit you over the long haul and can actually jeopardize your long term success.

Create a comprehensive campaign by putting focusing on the three major stages we talked about:

1. Proper building blocks
2. Blueprint
3. Building a foundation

The 5 S’s of Social Media Marketing For Your Business

It’s important for you to understand the social aspect of how users utilize social media sites to adapt and be a success at their business. Social media revolves around the social networking sites.

1. Share

Social media is all about sharing. Individuals write blogs for the world to read, upload videos to sites like YouTube for the world to see, share bookmarks with sites like Digg, and post links to points of interest on Twitter. If your goal is to explore and venture out, it’s important to recognize the conversations can’t be all about you or your company. Share information about your company with the rest of the world and show your audience your company has the necessary expertise.

For example, with Twitters, the recommended formula is 10% sharing to 20% self advertising. Of course the formula isn’t set in stone so experiment and see what works best.

2. Support

When you think about it, social media is pretty fantastic because users are having real-time conversations about everything and anything you can think of. PR agencies are beginning to strongly recommend that companies keep a social media presence. Social media sites like Twitter allow an avenue for customer support.

3. Social

It’s is about socializing with existing friends and making new friends. For your marketing to be successful you need to interacting with your followers who are your potential customers. Socializing and growing your fan base increases your presence. Think of it as virtual socialization; for your business it is a virtual marketing Mecca. Engage – communicate – socialize = successful marketing.

4. Strategy

Make sure you have a marketing strategy in place, otherwise you could be wasting a great deal of time and money. Each type has a different environment, functionality, and demographic base. Determine what it is you want to achieve using social media, then analyze the different types and the various channels each offers. Create your online profile, brand your products/services, and then execute your plan. Make sure you analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and make any needed changes. Social media is fluent, constantly changing, so you may have to fine tune your strategy as things change.

5. Sales

All the marketing campaigns are of no value to you and your business if they don’t generate sales for you. You need to be creative. Set up a landing page, unique product campaigns, make pages trackable so you have access to data, and do anything else you can to track how effective your media campaign is.

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