Scheduling Posts on Facebook

Being active on social media sites is the top priority for several brands at present.
It is not the most important way to market a brand or products. It is probably the
best way to reach out to customers.

And when a brand is on a social media site like facebook, the first thing they do is
develop a fan base for their page. Next, to make full use of their presence, brands
engage with customers on a daily basis.

Engaging with your fan base can be very tricky. You need to be careful about what
you do and what you say. Even the language you use is important. You need to be
at the top of your game when it comes to engaging with your customers.

Once you start engaging with your fan base or customers on a daily basis, you
need to ensure you give them something for them to look forward to. You need
to entertain them and at the same time educate them well about your brand and

Engagement is usually done on a daily basis and it is a good idea to put up 2-3
posts every day. You also need to constantly monitor the posts you have put up
and attend to the comments or queries your audience has.

Weekdays or weekends, your posts should be up on the page. You cannot afford
to take a day off…especially during the weekends.

But let’s face it…everyone needs a day off!

Especially for such situations, you have an option of scheduling your posts. You
have several sites/tools which help you schedule posts with the content of your
choice and for the time or day of your choice. Your content will be automatically
posted on your page.

But with all these tools, the major drawback was the number of posts that could
be scheduled.

If you are going out on a vacation and do not want your page to suffer because
of it or if the timing of your posts is not very social-friendly, you need to have an
option to schedule them. And this cannot be an everyday activity in times like

Now with the new feature on Facebook, which gives you an option of scheduling
posts, your life can be a lot easier.

There is no cap on the number of posts you can schedule for your page. You can
schedule posts for the next couple of days or months or even for the year to

If you want to schedule a post for the next month, it is not a must that you have
to schedule all posts up until that particular day or month. You can schedule posts
only on the days of your choice.

With this new feature on Facebook, you also have an option to post on the days
already passed by. You can put up posts for the previous couple of days or even
the past year.

Engaging fans and posting for your page on Facebook has never been this simple!

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