What Can ePageView Do For You?

If you are looking to publish your content to desktops, tablets or mobile devices, we at Aglaia Software would love to help. Our ePageView digital page flip publishing solutions have won us awards. We have worked with businesses, organizations and individuals globally, and our experienced software design and development team would love to find out how we can help you too.

ePageView enables you to publish magazines, newspapers, catalogs ,brochures, books, photo books, educational resources or corporate material. If you have them in a PDF format, our cloud-based system can convert them into stunning and eye catching digital page flip publications. ePageView uses cloud technology to ensure the maximum of security and integrity.

There is no limit to the size of your digital publications. You can preview your entire publication, regardless of the size. If you have multiple publications and would like to publish more than one you are more than welcome to. Publishing takes only a few minutes.

Past editions won’t be wasted as well. ePageView not only allows you to convert your PDF into an interactive, enjoyable experience, but also allows previous editions to be archived in an easy-find fashion. This will increase the reach of every piece of content, while also extending the life cycle of each publication.

You can use your publications as a self-running offline solution. Your publication can be readily transferred to a CD, DVD or flash drive and distribute to your users.

ePageView also allows your flipping publication viewers to download a PDF version. This option can be deactivated if desired. Your audience can print individual pages, a group of selected pages or print the entire digital edition.

Your viewers can use the share feature to send a link to your publications or a direct link to one of the inside pages or share them via popular social networks.

ePageView also empowers your audience to bookmark any page they desire for future reference or place sticky notes on their desired pages. Your viewers can also flip and view your digital publication in either single-page mode or as a spread and also flip forward and backwards.

ePageView easily empowers your readers to go through all pages on a specific digital edition and find and open the desired page. The thumbnails are automatically generated from your pages list.

ePageView provides an immersive digital environment that deepens customer engagement and allows streamlined purchasing directly from the pages of your digital catalog. With ePageView Commerce+, your digital page flip publications and catalogs can be easily integrated with your shopping cart in a way that allows readers to make purchases without ever leaving your publication.

With ePageView, everyone can view your digital publications anytime on Facebook, tablets, Kindle, Androids, Blackberries, PCs, laptops, MACs and all other mobile devices and platforms. ePageView also makes your digital page flip publications become very effective advertising tools.

Whether you are a large publisher, a small manufacturing business, a school, university, a chamber of commerce, …ePageView from Aglaia Software provides a wonderful solution for the internet dissemination of any publication you create such as magazine, newspaper, book, catalog, report, brochure, photo album with embedded your company logo, audios, videos, YouTube videos, flash animations, pictures, images, internal links, external links, RSS News Tickers, background audio, background image, table of contents, table of advertisers and etc.

You can create and publish your publications in your desired language. ePageView currently supports many languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic ,and Farsi.

We also take good care of our clients. We constantly help them with technical and maintenance and there’s no need to install or download any software! We host the digital publications on our cloud using Amazon’s Web Services. We guarantee that your publications will always be available, regardless of how many people view them simultaneously.

We are here to help you build an immersive, engaging and customized digital flipping publication and branded native mobile apps, all at an affordable price! For more information contact us at http://www.epageview.com.

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