Facebook Timeline – Let the World Know who you are

Facebook timeline is the latest offering by this social networking giant which allows you to completely personalize and display your profile. Unlike the current version where your profile image is restricted to a small corner on the side of the page, you now get a wide open space as the ‘cover’ area where you can upload a unique image that is closest to your heart or one that represents you best. This is the first thing that any visitor or friend visiting your page can see and hence it will be the focus of your timeline.

‘Your Stories’ on Facebook timeline is the next important area where you can share and draw attention to your favorite posts, photographs and memorable events of your life. This is where the story of your life unfolds from the beginning to your present and even your future. A ‘star’ or ‘remove’ option is available using which you can either star your favorite and precious moments which will then get blown up widescreen or remove those which need to be hidden.

Applications are plenty and galore on Facebook timeline using which the world can see your favorite movies and songs. There are so many social applications that showcase your real personality and help you share who you really are, your interests, hobbies and activities with the outside world. Your favorite songs and music is always available on timeline so that your friends too can enjoy the song along with you. Once you opt for timeline, you will be given a period of seven days during which you can personalize your profile the way you want others to see it. During these seven days, your timeline will not be visible to others giving you an opportunity to make as many changes as you wish.

Facebook timeline helps you to get started on this project by highlighting some of the top photographs and posts on your profile. You can either change these or simply hide or highlight from what the site has picked up for you. Complete privacy is what you are offered through timeline; you can now share your post with the only the person you posted it for or share it with anybody that you want or simply hide it away from the glaring and prying eyes of the world.

Switching to timeline is quite easy; you can view a ‘get timeline’ button on your Facebook page using which you can get this new and amazing profile page. Now you can be different from anyone else with a customized profile unlike having the same page as all other members on the site. There is an extensive help center with basic information and detailed information regarding all aspects of Facebook timeline which will make this transition easy and smooth for you. There is also a community forum using which you can share your views regarding this new venture with your friends and acquaintances. And there is also a feedback form which lets you express your opinion about what you think of timeline.

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