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Build your online presence. That’s the goal for most of us. If it weren’t so, we wouldn’t be here reading and publishing articles on these online article directories. We’re all trying to figure out how to make progress on the internet and establish an identity among the thousands of others trying to do the same thing. Well, as it turns out, there are a few very basic things you can do in a single afternoon that will give you a slight advantage over all those other aspiring webmasters.

Now, before we begin, let me just say that these simple tactics are only the beginning of the process. Don’t expect swarms of traffic from doing the things described below. What we’re trying to do is lay the foundation. We’re trying to get the basics in place so you can then move forward with all your other plans. This article will tell you how to make your initial introduction to the online world; your first impression to the internet.

First and foremost, you have to submit your website with all the major search engines. Again, don’t expect a flood of traffic by doing this. But you can’t expect anyone to find you if the search engines don’t even know you exist. You might be tempted to focus only on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN but I recommend submitting to the smaller ones too. It doesn’t take much time and it’s a great way to get on the radar.

Going through this process can take some time but I still think it’s worth allocating a quiet Sunday afternoon to the task. Alternatively, you can always pay a small fee and have a service submit your site on your behalf. In fact, it’s quite possible your hosting company offers the service as well and you can probably get it done for less than $ 50. Personally, I think its money well spent.

After you’ve covered all the search engines, I would do a Google search for your industry keywords and the word directory. You’ll end up finding all kinds of industry resources and directories that you may not even know about. Well, you need to submit your website to all of those. In fact, these industry-specific directories will end up sending you far more traffic than the search engines, at least at the beginning.

I also recommend you submit your website and basic business information to the online Yellowpages and Superpages. There are tons of these types of resources you want to be listed somewhere on each one of them.

Next up, create a profile on MySpace and perhaps even Facebook. On the global list of most popular online destinations, these two websites rank #6 and #7 respectively. They facilitate an enormous amount of traffic and it makes good sense to have a business profile on both platforms. Over time, you can add friends and build a following, enhancing your online identity.

You can also visit Squidoo and create a lens. All of these things are free and they allow people all around the internet to stumble upon your website.

The internet is a huge place and there are millions of different website and millions of different users, all looking for different things in different ways. When you first launch your website, your first priority should be to populate the internet with your existence. The above suggestions all contribute to that end.

Tactical Execution provides implementation solutions to help you start and grow your business. I hope you visit the website and take advantage of all the information available there. Thanks for reading this article.

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