A Gift For Distant Friends

Last Sunday when I was chit-chatting with my friends after having dinner, I suddenly shouted out! The COMING FRIDAY is JAMIE’S BIRTHDAY! Jamie is our best friend and we are so busy that we forgot to prepare for her birthday! What gift should we send her?

Our beloved Jamie has left Hong Kong last year and is now studying for her business degree in Amsterdam. Unless we spend all our savings to buy a ticket to Amsterdam, we cannot make her a nice and memorable birthday party as gift. Shopping has shrinked my pocket already.

Although we cannot celebrate Jamie’s birthday with her in person, we still would love to give her a special gift to make her birthday more remarkable, with our love.

It would cost us a lot if we send her a vast gift, the posting cost is quite expensive as Amsterdam is quite far away, and also we may not have enough time to post gifts to her. The biggest problem is, her mummy and daddy are wealthy enough to give her everything she likes. We couldn’t think of anything special.

So we brainstormed very hardly of how could we make Jamie’s birthday more remarkable and make her feel that we all miss her very much. What gift would make her feel very touched? And also not be costly?

Something suddenly came out from my mind. I remember that once I was browsing my friend’s facebook, I find that he sends his girlfriend e-cards everyday as little gifts to show her how much he loves her. And his girlfriend sends him back e-cards to let him know her love too!

I think that Jamie will feel deeply touched if every one of us designs our own e-card and send them to her on her birthday as gifts! We can draw whatever we like and say whatever we want to say on the e-cards.

How surprising would that be! These gifts would make Jamie feel that we are with her as they help to send our love to her. Jamie, please draw us your love back using the DIY e-cards! I know you miss us!

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