Blogging For Attention Doesn’t Work

While starting a blog has gotten infinitely easier over the years, getting noticed in the blog glut is perpetually and predictably getting harder. It is not that there isn’t a wealth of great stuff happening at all times in blogging, it is simply that with more and more entities getting into the blog game it is more difficult to filter through the hay to find the needle. It is the same old story of oversaturation. These days it is far easier to be noticed on a micro-blogging site like Twitter or Tumblr and then hope to spin that exposure into more views for your proper blog.

People have habits on the web that are sort of unbreakable. They go to such-and-such music site in the morning and this particular news site through out the day. They go to Facebook and stalk a particular subsection of their “friends list,” then make their way over to whatever entertainment gossip site they frequent. At the end of the day there is not a whole lot of room to squeeze in your blog, unless it is as vital to a person’s daily entertainment or informational needs as those sites already on their docket.

How do you make your content vital to your readers? It is a great question with no easy answer. One possibility is, rather than add to the collective din of opinionizing, instead make yourself into a hub of information. For example if you were hoping to write about music perhaps research and then present concert calendars. You can then evolve your own writing around that already valuable service you are providing. Another example; if you are interested in cooking you can provide readers with recipes. When providing a valuable and functional service on a web you can evolve your own content alongside that stuff. Inevitably some people will start to trickle into your blogs and read them. If they are good, this will inevitably grow right before you.

Blogging should of course not be something you do completely cynically attempting to rally attention, though plenty do that. Once you have gotten folks to your blog the charge will become making people interested in what you have to say and keeping them that way. You need to be funny, be social or do something that they get excited about. You need to have a real perspective that people will enjoy and continue to cultivate that as everyone grows into your blog. Still in the end you should blog for yourself not for an audience that may never come along. It simply must be! is home to a popular blog network featuring a variety of business and social blogging resources. Contact us to learn how to advertise on blogs like ours.

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