How To Find A Stand In For Facebook

Proxies permit you to surf the net with a high level of privacy, security and anonymity. When you access a website from the intermediary server site, information like your browser type, location, operating system and IP address is eliminated and the intermediary web server website is recorded as the accessing PC rather than your computer. This may help you maintain the privacy, security and anonymity you desire, as it facilitates web-browsing without your information being identified and bypasses the network filters and firewalls.

The process is very simple and convenient. You aren’t required to install or download any software to peruse the blocked sites. All you have got to do is type the desired URL ( for example : ) on the main page and all connections and traffic to and from the destination URL is redirected through the substitute, making it look like the traffic is developing from the main stand in, therefore bypassing the domain based URL filtering obstructing system.

These proxies permit you to access any website without disclosing your private information, surf, download games and news, access online social networking sites and shopping sites, share videos, music, chat and lots more.

When you use a proxy server, your computer creates connection with the proxy instead of the destination internet site, and so the obstructing or filtering firewall will be in a position to trace this connection only . Further this proxy server, which may be transparent or unnamed, will create a connection to the specified URL which you need to access like, and retrieve that website, eliminating any trace of your computer.

The proxies allow users to flick through the Facebook website, profiles, post comments, blogs and surf the site for music. Sometimes, you may be required to use the IP address of the substitute ( i.e. [] ), rather than the web site name, which can be retrieved by pinging the URL from command prompt.

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