5 tips to revitalize to your relationship

It gets to a point where you just need something new, this works two ways. You can get someone new or find a way to make the best of who you’re with for a new experience. Relationships take work so effort must be made to keep things interesting, here are some pointers.

1. Be spontaneous: If during your lunch break you want to have lunch with The Boo, then do it. Surprise them at work; send them unexpected gifts that’ll blow them away, its thoughtful and sweet.

2. Try something new: Go out and do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do, go watch a soccer match with your boyfriend, shop for each other, sky diving, go on a boat ride etc

3. Revamp your sex life : Try something new in bed, read the Karma Sutra ,Act out your sexual fantasies, explore your fetishes, try a new position every week, have a threesome, role playing, Spontaneous sex in random places, the bed gets boring after a while.

4. Be nomads in love: Take a trip to nowhere! Just drive without a planned destination. Have fun while doing it, play music, tell stories, eat cookies, do whatever!

5. Home cooked meal: For change, ditch eating at a fancy restaurant, both of you should make a meal together, doesn’t have to be anything complex. Make it playful, a few pecks here and there during the preparation, splash water on each other, make out in the kitchen if it leads to that. Ultimately have fun and eat.

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