Sony Hits The Market With Play Station 4(PS4)

PlayStation 4

The 2006 launch of the PlayStation 3 didn’t exactly go smoothly. The launch games were tepid. The controller sacrificed beloved features for new ones no one wanted. And system setup was overly complicated.

This Friday, Sony hits the reset button with the launch of the PlayStation 4. It’s a notable improvement over the early days of its predecessor – one that’s likely to satisfy most players. But for nearly every step the PS4 takes forward, it takes a half step back. It’s a healthy start to the next generation, but it’s not the decisive victory some fans were hoping to see.

Before we dive too deep, some disclosure: Sony only made the PS4 available for unsupervised testing for a short period before reviews were permitted. And some of the most important elements of the system – including sharing and other online modes – were not available during that period (and won’t be available to early buyers until they download a 500 MB day one patch).

(UPDATE: We’ve had a chance to review the online features, and have included our thoughts further down this review.)

One thing is clear from the minute you push the power button (continue reading)

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