11 signs that you’re really falling for him

When You Have That Certain Smile

(1)When You Have That Certain Smile

No, not your normal smile. That smile you can’t control when you’re texting him or standing next to him at the bar…in the living room…on the subway…that one.
(2)When He Distracts You From Everything

The daydreams invade every aspect of your life. One minute you’re building an editorial calendar, writing out the headline “Summer Love,” and the next thing you know, you’ve spent 3 minutes gazing just left of your computer screen picturing playful make out sessions on the beach. Oh shit, did anyone notice that?
(3)When Everything Reminds You Of Him
Editorial calendars, quarterly budget spreadsheets, the guy who served your coffee whose name starts with the same letter as him. The shape of that rock and how it slightly resembles a heart…is that a sign? It must be.
(4)He Comes Up In Every Conversation

You just can’t help it. Even when you make a conscious effort not to bring him (you don’t wanna seem obsessed!), he comes up somehow. Freud may have had something going with those slips of his.. they just happen. He’s on your mind that much.
(5)Everything He Does Is Adorable

When he spills beer on his shirt, when he almost drops you on that dip when your dancing, the way he always ‘accidentally’ grazes your butt…it’s all adorable. Nothing he does could ever be creepy…not like that weird guy doing the same things right next to him.
(6)When You Crave Him Like Cake
You just want to put your face on his face all. The. Time
(7)When You Consistently Wake Up In A Better Mood Come on, if 6:00am seems bright and sunny, you’ve definitely fallen for him
(8)When Everything Bothers You Less

Those rude commuters who walk slow, stop suddenly on the platform stairs, don’t give up their seat for old people…they irritate you less. Your dick-head boss is more tolerable and the lazy coworker that everyone hates seems a little less helpless. You’ve got it bad.
(9)When You Stop Analyzing Everything

When you don’t care about the dumb voicemail you left or spend 6 minutes copy editing your texts, because he doesn’t care and will laugh about it regardless…your head just hit your heels. Easy, breezy, beautiful lover girl (yes, I did just do that).
(10)When You Tell Mom About Him

Some girls tell their mom everything. I don’t. I love her to death, and she is my emergency contact for any form I’ve ever filled out, but until I know something is going to last longer than her list of questions, I keep my mouth shut.
(11)When You’re Affectionate Everywhere

You aren’t trying to make everyone else sick with jealousy…but you just can’t keep your hands off each other. You’re probably wearing that smile and thinking whatever he’s doing is adorable.

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