How To Make Unlimited Free Calls With Etisalat Easy Cliq Sim

Hello, having seeing this header, some
might be confused that this is a free
browsing and we are writing nonsense,
please take a second look at the header.
This step that we are about distributing to
the audience was earlier posted but the
service went down again but now it has
come for ever and better.
Note that this is only just for those who are
in the Etisalat network that can call freely
within the hours of 12.30am and 4.30am.
All you have to do is ensure that you have
recharged your airtime with a minimum of
NGN100 to enjoy the service for seven, and
also it is easy click that gives bonus for
incoming calls of up to 3minute.
Let get started >>>
Step 1 >>> Register two etisalat Sim card
(one of which must have a free night call).
Step 2 >>> By in the night, after the
fully charge battery, use the free call Sim
and call the other one.
Step 3 >>> Go to sleep and pick the other
phone call. Wait… till morning by 4.30, it
might have eventually off.
Note that any call you receive at 3mins on
your etisalat line you will be given 1mins
free call and you must not have money in
the one that you used to call is only free
nite call please. And see your bonus
bumming the air.
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