How To Get 1 GB with 100 Naira on MTN

Note: This Trick has been tested ok before placing here

Step 1 , grab your sim
card , then migrate to
mtn paygo plan by
sending 400 TO 131 or
by dialing * 400# now to the

Step 2 , make sure
there ‘ s no dime on it
oh , then you’ ll dial
* 123* 878# pls note
that you are going to
get an error
message like try
again.. .Blablabla … But
you’Ve gat to just
bone that one and
continue the magic,
now to

Step 3 ,
…a . Now recharge d sim
with 100 Naira,
…b . Send MTN 1 GB to
…c . immediately After
Sending it, ( don’t wait
for reply ) switch
off your phone ,
remove the
battery, then insert
battery and switch on

4 . Then quickly send
104 to 131
You’ ll receive a
message that you’re
welcome to mtn 10
mb per
day data plan but hey,

You have successfuly
credited your account
1 GB .

NOw to check your
balance, kindly use *

NOTE; Don’ t try to
check it by sending 2
to 131 or by using
* 123* 4* 4 # oh, cos
#mtn find your ass kicked