Three in one glo FREE cheat

This is the latest glo free browsing settings and downloading cheats for uc browser or ucweb.

This is the latest glo free browsing and downloading cheats for ucweb, it’s really browsing free and the downloading speed is so fast, that i said to myself, this is heaven.

Glo Free Browsing Settings for UcBrowser or Ucweb
follow this step by step settings to configure your ucweb to start browsing free on glo.
For Java phone users, create a prov file @
while symbian phone users should create a new access point settings.
use this settings below.

save the settings.

then open your UCweb handler and insert this settings into their field as shown below.
Save it and start browsing with this glo free browsing settings for free using this ucweb latest free browsing cheats and settings.

glo free browsing cheats and downloading tweaks for operamini.
This is another latest free browsing and downloading cheats for glo users, if you’ve paying or subscribing to browse, then it’s all over now, because this is the latest glo free browsing and downloading cheats for operamini and it’s really hot.
This glo free browsing cheats for operamini is dazzling hot this month of march 2012.

For more than three months now, we’ve being experiencing unlimited cheats and tweaks from glo.
Mostly because of their Access point that rocks.
Well, most glo simcard can’t browse, or don’t have the needed configuration settings to browse on glo network.
here’s the guide to browse on glo with your simcard.
1. Send this message format to glo.
phone made, model to 1234 in a text message, it’s free.
For example you send something like this if you’re using Nokia N73.Nokia N73 to 1234 in a text message.
Automatically, You will receive your configuration settings, but if they didn’t send it, then don’t worry.
You can still browse free with your glo simcard.
call glo customer care service on 121 and tell them you need wap configuration settings for your mobile phone.
answer the questions and you’ll recieve your settings instantly.

Now, for the cheat, it’s really working and blazing hot.
Just follow the step below.

This is the latest glo free browsing settings on operamini.

You can activate your glo simcard for browsing by activating and subscribing to a 100 naira internet bundle.
You can do this by dialling *127*51#.
Please NOTE: that glo will take N100 from your simcard and you will receive a text message.

here’s where the real cheat begins.
Follow the step by step guide to start browsing and downloading for free on your glo simcard this month of march 2012.

1. Now switch off your phone.
Switch it on again and start your free browsing with this settings shown below.

This is the latest Glo Free Browsing cheats, Settings on Opera Mini to start browsing and downloading for free again.

you can now surf and browse the internet for free using this glo cheats for operamini.
Configure your mobile phone access point as follows:
please All java phone users should create their prov files @ using this settings below

Access Point:
IP address:
Then Leave all fields blank in Opera Mini handler settings
Proxy type:
Proxy server:
save your configuration and open your operamini.
Then start browsing and download till your battery start singing lullaby.

yeah! That’s it, you can browse the internet for free using the above settings, it’s really strong and the browsing speed is so fast, you’ll think glo personally loves you to enable such fast internet connection.

Glo free browsing for pc: pc, laptop free browsing cheats with glo on Proximitron.
This is the latest glo free browsing and downloading cheats, tweaks for pc, laptop users with promoxitron.
This is the latest march 2012 free browsing tweaks and cheats for glo users, and it’s working fast on pc, start browsing with this tweaks on your pc today and experience the fast pace i’m talking about.

This pc free browsing with glo don’t require any special configuration.
All you only need to do is to download the privoxy below, i will share the download link below.
This privoxy comes with customized settings, which means that you won’t disturb yourself as to configure it.

Download Proximitron for glo .zip

After you’ve finished downloading this privoxy file, unzip the content and run proximitron.exe.
You should note that this only works with Opera browser.
so you need to already have this installed.

Download your opera here.

Well, if you haven’t installed the opera into your pc yet, then you can download it from the link given above and you install it in your pc.
step by step guide to browse free with your pc using glo network.
1. Open your Opera.
2. Go to the Menu — Settings — Preferences,
3. Go to Advanced — Network — Proxyservers.
4. Then you can configure it exactly as it’s showned below in this image.
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