The Headquarters of Lord’s Chosen Church Sealed Off By Lagos State Government


In such a short time after the wide spread confession of an ex female follower that has rapidly reduced the sanity of the Lord’s Chosen Church. The Lagos state Government has sealed off and shut down the headquarters of the Lord’s Chosen and Charismatic Revival Church on Ijesha, Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, Lagos state, over environmental hazard and nuisance.

The Board Officials of the Ministry of the Environment has shut down the Church in the early hours of the Sunday morning October 6, 2013, and prevented the worshipers from having their Sunday service usually attended by thousands of committed followers. The Lord’s Chosen is founded by Pastor Lazarus Muoka, who serves as the General Overseer of the Church. Investigations indicates that the Church have no standard structure for excretion, refuse dump and ease facility(i.e place of convenience-toilet). It consumes its waste and toiletries with fire inside the Church premises, which is very hazardous to the health of the worshipers. A substantial part of the sprawling Church lies on the Odo Asimawu Canal drainage channel, which holds the flow of storm water. The Church toilet was built on the canal as a public toilet, this channels the discharge of all its human waste  into the canal. In order prevent an outbreak of epidemic intrusion, the state government had to seal the entire Church premises.

The government accused the Church of negligence and degrading the environment and refusing to avert the nuisance even after it had been served abatement notice to upgrade the environment. Mr. Tunji Bello, the Commissioner for the Environment, said the Church had committed lots of environmental abuse which it must reverse before the massive edifice center could be recommended for re-opened by the government as such illegality could not be tolerated any longer. According to him, the Church did not have proper waste management system, adding that it burnt its refuse inside the Church, an action which ran fowl of the environmental and sanitation law of the state. “The Church does not have proper sanitary system and they discharge their wastes into the canal. Most of their members trade on the expressway and we don’t want that,” the Commissioner stated.

The Commissioner for environs added that the Church would only be re-opened if the church constructed new toilets as well as bagged its solid waste as well as managed such waste properly, saying that the Church must build a sewage septic tank for the treatment of waste water. He also assured that the state government would not shirk its responsibility of protecting Lagos environment and ensure that its residents were protected from environmental abuse. Mr Tunji Bello stated that the Church must also ensure that none of its members trade on the expressway, while the Church must remove illegal attachments built on drainage channel alignment in the area. He said any structure to be erected by the Church must be about 50 metres away from the drainage channel and ensure that the environment was kept clean, after which the government would re-open the Church.o Reporters who visited the Church on the sunday morning of October 8 noticed many members of the Church who were working relenghtfully to clean up their environment. Massive demolition of structures built on drainage alignment has also comments. It was not possible to get direct comments from Churches officials as they were not authorized by the Pastor for giving interviews.

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